UTOPiA Con Award Nomination for Best Anthology of the Year 2016!



“Short stories are a challenging and demanding artform. Each story must be self-contained, with a beginning, middle and end. Add to this mix the dystopian nature of the collection. The collection shares many characteristics of other dystopian reads: humans experience a catastrophic event (in this case, an epidemic), bringing society on the brink of collapse. What makes this collection so intriguing is the cohesive nature of the organization. Each story builds upon the larger narrative arc, becoming something more organic and emotionally engaging. Each story is a stand-alone tale, featuring characters going about their lives when tragedy strikes. A traffic accident releases a deadly virus, and within a month, it becomes a global disaster.

Rather than repeating the same story, using different characters, these twenty writers – with their own perspective on the disaster — weave together the larger human story, creating this colorful, tragic tapestry to produce an emotionally powerful, poignant and frightening story. Well done!” – B. Miller (Amazon)

“Wow, what a unique undertaking to bring twenty authors of dystopian and post-apocalyptic fiction together to tell one horrific, yet terrific story. Each author’s style blends naturally into the next, as they describe a variety of characters trying to survive a major viral epidemic. I especially enjoyed when a few earlier characters appeared again later in the book. Fans of disaster books will love PREP FOR DOOM.” – MARS (Amazon)

“Once again BOD hits you from multiple angles with their greatness! An amazing story that leaves you pondering for days, introductions to multiple talented authors, to give you a taste of all their different writing styles, and another taste from authors we already know and love 🙂 A compilation of greatness!” – Cheree (Goodreads)

“Prep For Doom is a collaboration of epic proportions! Twenty Authors weave together an apocalyptic viral disaster. There are ups and downs. Times when I thought I couldn’t take anymore devastation and times that I was renewed in my faith in humanity. Tears and chuckles. You won’t want to miss this one!!” – Mary (Goodreads)

“This book is a must read but is not for the faint of heart; the writing is graphic and very descriptive. It contains love and betrayal, hope and despair, life and death. I was unable to put this book down and finished it in just under 8 hours total. There are characters to love and plenty to hate. You have a chance to see different characters from different points of views and realize that while you hate them in one chapter, you can relate and maybe love them in a different chapter…” – Alicia P (Goodreads)