TK Carter

Lethal Inception | Chapter One

TK Carter is a Southern born-and-bred middle child with all the complexes that accompany this birth order. She loves the color red, anything shiny, and has an unnatural love for peanut butter Snickers and Diet Coke.

In response to her chaotic, single life as a divorced mother and head of household, she started a blog called My Ms. Adventures where she holds nothing back as she tells exactly what it’s like to be her.

Tami, as she is casually known, was raised in mid-Missouri and now lives in Centralia. She has two children, two dogs, a mortgage, and a dream. She is the author of women’s fiction novels: Independence, An Afternoon with Aunt Viv, and the Dystopian Suspense series: Collapse and Three Meals to Anarchy. Book Three of The Yellow Flag Series is due out Summer 2015.

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