Author Feature Casey Bond

Casey’s Story

PFD Story TitleUnsafe Haven
PFD Chapter: Three
Main Character: Lexia, a teenage girl on her own in NYC at the time of the outbreak



When she did peel herself off the couch for yet another bathroom excursion, she saw that those eyes were bloodshot. It was disturbing as hell.

Lexia touched the tender, swollen skin around her face, her mouth gaped open at herself in the mirror, a strand of drying saliva stretching from lip to lip like an errant spider web.

That was when she collapsed.



What was it like working with the other authors to create such an integrated anthology?

Hands down, my favorite part of the entire process was the comradery of the individual authors who came together to write an amazing story. We all had the same goal: make this book one that would stick with the reader long after the final page. It has action, drama, and emotion, and we all worked together toward that goal. It was fabulous.

What do you think would be the scariest kind of apocalypse?

I think that a viral pandemic would be terrifying. With natural disasters, some people have time to prepare and they’re awful, so please don’t think I’m brushing them off. But with something viral, it’s the danger of something so small and something that you can’t see or do anything to prevent.

There is spread of the disease. Loved ones will be affected. You might be affected. The side effects might be extreme and unpleasant. If it happened on a global scale, governments and economies might fall. The repercussions are apocalyptic to say the least.

Tell us a little about your Prep For Doom character(s) and story.

Lexia is a teenage girl, posing as an eighteen year old. Her mother is dead and her father is mentally ill and housed in a facility where he could get help. Lexia has learned to depend on herself, so when everything falls apart, she has to learn to depend on other people in order to survive.