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Brea’s Story

PFD Story Title: Proof Falls Down
PFD Chapter: Twelve
Main Character: Amy Savino, a sassy New York reporter bent on getting the truth out



She had never gotten over the virus in Africa. She’d gone there and seen what this virus did in person, making it personal for her. In between her assigned work, she had been digging into this previously unknown strain of a virus. Something about the whole thing felt off. The fact that it came out of nowhere and then was somehow miraculously stopped with no vaccine or cure had her naturally suspicious side tingling.



What is your favorite thing about this project? 

My favorite thing about this project is the unique experience not only to write a story in it, but to read it. I have never read a book that was from so many perspectives around the same event (some that even relate/interact with each others)! It is an awesome experience!

What was it like working with the other authors to create such an integrated anthology?

This group is amazing! The combined effort, work, humor and fun while working together and behind the scenes has been an experience I will never forget. Despite our different writing styles and voice, we managed to all come together to write on a genre we all enjoy. The amazing editing team then organized and rearranged to ensure all our stories fit together in a way that makes the whole anthology feel like a perfectly intertwined collection. Which is truly evident in the finished product!

Has being a part of Prep For Doom changed your outlook on disaster preparation and/or apocalyptic scenarios? 

I have always had a healthy respect for the “what-ifs” of natural disaster preparation. However, being a part of this project did lead to a family discussion of where and how we would meet pending a disaster of this proportion. It also led to some survival type purchases I might not have made otherwise.

Tell us a little about your Prep For Doom character(s) and story.

My story is titled, Proof Falls Down. My main character is New York city reporter Amy Savino. Amy finds herself pulled into the story of the virus before it even hits home. Her intuitive and suspicious nature leads her to pull all kinds of theories and conspiracies together as her place in the story unfolds. She follows leads, answers questions and in a lot of ways leaves you asking more. I hope you enjoy! Thanks for reading!