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PFD Story TitleSurvival Mode
PFD Chapter: Seventeen
Main Characters: Chad – the boyfriend of Wendy from Casey Hays’ story, Edge of a Promise – Chad’s little sister, Annee, and her friend Elena.



She pulled into the lot behind him. The smell wasn’t bad—not yet. They hadn’t been left out in the sun for long.

Chad walked among the dead. He stopped over a young man. Someone he recognized?

“Is it them?”

He nodded. His throat worked. “Some of them.”



How does Prep For Doom compare to other things you’ve written? 

Normally, writing is a very solo occupation. Prep for Doom was different from the start. It was this community of writers working together to build something amazing—there were planning sessions and chats and encouragement as we went. It was unique and wonderful.

What was it like working with the other authors to create such an integrated anthology?

I know we each keep saying that it was amazing. It really was. It wasn’t just working with everyone on the overarching theme, either. I worked very closely with Casey Hays, as our stories are linked. It was the first time I collaborated on a story, and she made it easy and enjoyable.

Have you ever experienced a major disaster that made you think about end of the world scenarios? 

Not major, no. But I experienced political upheaval, bombings at my parents’ places of work, and repeated bomb threats to my school when I lived in Europe. It was very real and often frightening. Those experiences inform my apocalyptic and post-apoc writings, because what I discovered was that we DO cling to the things that matter most—our family and friends. I’ve heard others say that at the “end of the world” romance will be the last thing anyone thinks about, but I disagree. Friendship matters. Love matters. Retaining humanity through the darkness matters. And those are the reasons I read and write in this genre.