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A Message from Yvonne

Yvonne’s Story

PFD Story Title: Escape to Orange Blossom
PFD Chapter: Thirteen
Main Character: Bailey, a teen with an autistic younger brother



Taking a deep breath, she knelt next to Bas one last time, driving the tailspin of emotion in the other direction. Bas would tell her to keep moving: the chemicals would run out soon. She’d lost people before. She’d make it through this. Find new people.

Humanity was just one big lost and found now.


How does Prep For Doom compare to other things you’ve written?
My debut YA novel, Pandemic, is about a teen girl separated from her family and struggling to survive a deadly bird flu outbreak on her own. Prep for Doom is similar in that it features a deadly infectious disease and its consequences, but the collection of stories has more of a dystopian element than Pandemic.

What is your favorite thing about this project?
Creating a short story for the Prep for Doom anthology was a wonderful opportunity to collaborate with other authors who enjoy the same type of fiction. Writing can be an isolated endeavor, but Prep for Doom has allowed a group of us to come together and discuss the creative and business aspects of books—things like character development, marketing ideas, and why making promotional videos is so painful. 🙂 The integrated nature of the stories made this truly feel like a team effort.

Tell us one thing people don’t know about you or might be surprised to find out.
I’m a Nidan (second degree) Black Belt in Isshinryu Karate.

Tell us a little about your Prep For Doom characters and story.
“Escape to Orange Blossom” features a teen girl, Bailey, traveling from Pennsylvania to New York with her cheating ex-boyfriend and her autistic younger brother, Nate. There is lots of talk about diversity in YA literature, and I think learning differences (like autism) are an important part of that conversation. Special thanks to my brother for helping with Nate’s dialogue–his son (who is on the autism spectrum) inspired Nate’s character. Bailey represents an ordinary girl trying to make sense of a completely disrupted world while bravely trying to protect the ones she loves.

Learn more about Yvonne on her dedicated author page here on PrepForDoom.com.