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A Message from Casey

Casey’s Story

PFD Story TitleEdge of a Promise
PFD Chapter: Fifteen
Main Character: Wendy, a teen trying to find safety after losing her family



Chad was the only one left in this world that she truly cared about. She would cling to her faith that he was alive. She refused to let herself believe anything else. 



What is your favorite thing about this project?

Writing the story itself was an absolute blast, and what I enjoyed about it most was collaborating my story with Kate Corcino’s. I never thought I would like working so closely with another author. I’m kind of a lone ranger when it comes to writing. But she was so compatible, and very different than me in a lot of ways, which made the project enjoyable and not a bit stressful. We seemed to mesh just right. It was so fun!

How did you prepare for writing your PFD story? Any particular research or personal experience? 

I did a whole lot of thinking in the beginning. I set my story in NM, which is my home state, so minimal research was required as far as landscape, size of population, or weather. I based my character loosely on myself, so that helped. My biggest weakness was not knowing enough about prepping. I’m not a prepper at all and never will be. Neither was my main character, so I did have to rely on the editors and other authors’ familiarity with that culture to bring me up to speed. I guess I didn’t prepare much; I just found my inner “prepper”  along the way. I’m definitely a “follow your characters where they take you” kind of writer. No outlines… ever! So yeah, preparation is pretty minimal in anything I write.

What was it like working with the other authors to create such an integrated anthology? 

It was amazing, really. I have enjoyed getting to know other like-minded people through this project, and I look forward to future working relationships with several. I’ve even been talking to Caroline Gill about cover art for one of my future books. There is a wealth of different kinds of talent in this group from editing to formatting, and everyone was able to utilize their different skill-sets to make this anthology what it has become. I truly believe multiple talents and backgrounds and personalities were necessary to pull this off, and we’ve done it!

What do you think would be the scariest kind of apocalypse? 

Probably exactly what we wrote about. A world-wide sickness seems horrible, especially one so bloody. I am not a fan of puking or diarrhea, either one. Or pain for that matter. So your insides trying to exit your body? Not the best way to end it all.

Tell us one thing people don’t know about you or might be surprised to find out? 

Well, I’m actually a pretty good singer. I tried out for a show in Nashville in 1991 called “Be a Star” and made it to the top four. It was one of the first “American Idol” type shows, only country music. I was supposed to go back for the live filming, but the show didn’t get picked up for the next season, so I was out of luck. After that, I wanted to go to college, so I never pursued my singing career again. Sometimes, I wish I had.